Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Kafi of Fareed
Kalam e Fareed

Deewan Fareed
Deewan E Farid

Kalam e Farid
Deewan e Farid

Friday, 10 January 2014

Saraiki motherland is Paradise of agriculture. Saraiki land is perfectly suitable for agriculture . Weather and climate is favorable. Forming professional is sign of the saraiki history. When people learned to reform animals that were progress in agriculture. There seven plus rivers were running. In these days, Rivers have driedup. But in past, agriculture is depend on rivers, rain, Water wells for irrigation. But agriculture has always the basic of economy of the people. Today it is real important fact Fact to built standard of life. Here, countless vegetables, trees and crops grow and saraiki bilt provide many food. Specailly, sraiki region is playing very big role in the GDP of Pakistan. the weather is relatively harsh in saraiki wasaib. There are four seasons of the year. But as the farm is divided into two parts. In these differents seasons, many differents crops are grown. Sugar cane , wheat, cotton, rice, corn, millet and sunflower noteworthy.

Corn Crops
Corn Crops

Sugar cane
Sugar cane 
Rice crops

Monday, 2 September 2013

The name of Shakir shuja abadi is very big and popular in Saraiki literature. He is gave his poetry publicly approach. His poetry gets Popularity usually in the whole word and especially in the saraiki areas. Looking of view comprehensive, Circumstances of the region and living conditions of saraiki  individual in his poetry. And it is his secret of popularity.
Indeed, the name of Shakir Shuja Abadi is appear at top after Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid. His many Distich has become aphonic in society. Shakir Shuja Abadi is played very improvement in development of Saraiki literature. His poetry affects saraiki and non saraiki people. His popularity is not present   in the specific area but also direction of world. Seraiki literature will be discussed wherever, there will be mentioned of Hazrat Khawaja Ghulam Farid and Shakir Shuja Abadi. His poetry is covered Poverty, deprivation, poverty, injustice and underdevelopment of saraiki region and his massage is of spirit of revolt,
spirit of freedom.
Kalam of Shaker Shuja Aba is not imprisonment Generation and time but his Kalam is Spokes of every human, genertation, time and civilization. as as exaple.
He has wrote million Dohray(دوہرے)۔ and his poetry leaves indelible signs in Saraiki literature. He has wrote Countless Dohries (دوہڑے), Folk and nation songs Gaza and poems and much in Saraiki..These are also become very famous.
Shakir Shuja Abadi is master of saraiki literature his self.But but also his peotry has saraiki literature level for new comming Saraiki peots.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pakistan Government had announced initial estimate of damages of recently flood in Pakistan. It is called flood 2013. In this year, wide areas of Pakistan is affected through flood 2013. All provinces of Pakistan are inspired by flood 2013. Pakistani Public has gotten big livings and financial loses. Cultivated crops and houses are destroyed. Animal of value of millions are dumped. Roads were washed away. According of Federal Government initial estimate of damages, 14,19,569 people are affected, Cultivated crops on 8,26,871 acres are completely destroy, 20046 houses are collapsed and 5,438 villages are affected by recently flood. 169 Individuals are died and 855 people are injured. According of detail of expired people, In Baluchistan, KP, Sindh ,Punjab and AZK, respectively 18,24,35,55,25 people are dead. Government is made 323 relief camps And 30،540 people are moved safe place. During of last 3 years, Pakistan is facing flood disaster in every years. Government plan of arrangement of safe through flood. But every try is failed. Only not Pakistani are getting loses but also getting financial problems. Business activities are downing in flood areas and rate of poverty is increasing. Chances Of new business are ending and stable of business is being difficult. You must consider on this report, quantity of highest dead are collected in Punjab. And most people are belongs from saraiki region. Saraiki belt is passageway of five all five rivers of Pakistan.Only indus  flow in 400Km in Saraiki area. A little diluvium in rivers are affected wide areas of Saraiki Waseb. Saraiki nation face problems of it and got losses Large-scale. You can understand system of rivers of Pakistan through below picture.
river system of Pakistan in punjab
river system of Pakistan in punjab.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Word Bhoonga (بھونگا) is purely word of Saraiki Language. Bhoonga means that payment who owners paid to thief or king or winner against his own thing. It's plural  Bhoongy(بھونگے)   ۔ This word is practice in Saraiki Language from many centuries. Today this  term is using frequently. In the rural area, Many million PRS are happening transaction under Bhooga. Mostly Chief of region plays middle role in this transaction between Both sides۔ Chief of region plays his role for making deal of value (Stolen goods، price and product or detained items).Saraiki has been paradise of attackers, Therefore they paid tansom to winners opposite king or Chief for for back of land, animals or valuable things.

Usage of Bhoonga in Past

Saraiki belt has been always facing attackers since thousand years. Green areas, commodities and rich array of money is always attempt to attackers. The history of Saraiki region is full of stories of Attackers. Although the first use of metal is detected  here. But it was created for tool for agriculture, not for as weapon. You can guess about people life style. They never feel of needed to attack on other part of Sub-continent. They are piece full۔ Comfortable life made ​​them lazy and cowardly. It is an other reason that invaders never hesitate to attack. People of here lose the often battle and unsuccessful to defense of their land. Their lands were seized. Attackers made human as slaves and women as servants. Looted livestock and grain۔ Many times, battle ended on Ransoms and Exodus and local body paid these product for saving their life, livestock, their children and women, their land and their business. This term was invented۔

Usage of Bhoonga in present Era

Fortunately, today's democracy  settle in the subcontinent. And people and Governments has sense of peace. But this poor word is using. Thieves are stealing Connivance of the police or the violations of state's law. Regional Chief sponsor of  thieves or gives cover from police and other forces. They Considered this way of income. In often time, Affected people want their things without help of law process. They contact regional Chief and request to return their items. Regional Chief traces the items of people through his own sources. And Force thieves for make a deal to back of items. Negotiations are happening several periods. Amount )bhoonga, بھونگا ) is fixed. Police are not aware of these steps. Owner paid the amount of Bhoonga بھونگا to take back of his items through commitment of Regional Chief. This payment is called Bhoonga (بھونگا).

Effects and implications of Bhoonga on society

Lack of awareness and trekking of the law in the people. Literacy trend and rate also is low. Therefore these cases are not reported to police. Due to no interest of public, Honorable courts are failed to Punishment to thieves. Illicit disease is spreading.Crime rates are increasing. And A lot people lost their money in this Bhoonga system.We should play to end this system and help local law.